Etched Anodised "MU" Front Panels

For Modular DIY Projects

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Triple Multiples 1      
Quad Multiples 1      
Attenuator/Multiples 1      
Triple Attenuators 1      
Quad Attenuators 1      
Blank Panels
Standard height blanks for all MU format studio cabinets and portable cases:
Single MU Blank Panel 1      
Double MU Blank Panel 2      
Triple MU Blank Panel 3      
Quad MU Blank Panel 4      
Part height CP blanks - Please specify Dotcom pitch mounting or Moog asymmetric mounting holes*
Single CP Blank Panel 1      
Double CP Blank Panel 2      
Triple CP Blank Panel 3      
Quad CP Blank Panel* 4      
*Original Moog CP panels may have clearance for a mounting rail only at the top. With these, the lower edge has the folded edges simply cut at 45 degrees and fits over the piano hinge sections. Re:Synthesis versions are normally produced with rail clearance top and bottom, but the our "Moog" version has a rail clearance of 3/8" rather than our normal Dotcom 1/2" and different pitch lower holes to match the piano hinge -  CP panels are approximately 143mm high.

ACX Synth

MIDI2CV 1      
CV Recorder 1      
P-Sequencer 1      
Quantizer 1      
Master Clock


Deltron 5 Pin DIN for ACX panels        
All other designs on request        

Ken Stone CGS Panels

Suboscillator Version A (CGS 01) 2      
Suboscillator Version B (CGS 01) 3      
Dual CMOS (Wasp) Filter (CGS49) 3      
Resonant Equaliser (CGS202) 1      
Synthacon VCF  (CGS35) 1      
All other designs on request        

Ian Fritz

Threeler 2      
All other designs on request        

Jürgan Haible

Polymoog Resonators 2      
Solina Triple Chorus 2      
Tau Pipe Filter (Yusynth) 2      
All other designs on request        

Grant Richter

Wogglebug 2      
PCB Bracket for above C/W pillars & screws        

Magic Smoke

Mankato Filter 2      
All other designs on request        
MFOS (Music From Outer Space)
16 Step Rotary Sequencer 5      
PCB Bracket for above C/W pillars & screws        
All other designs on request      

Roman F's Projects

266c MU format 3      
266c 5U/MOTM format 4U      

Roginator's Projects

702 VCO 2      
703B Multi-mode VCF 2      
703E VC_LPF 2      
704 VCA 1      
705 Quad ADSR 4      
706D Dual VC-LFO 1      
708/9 Noise plus S&H 1      
For the above panels, pots will be 7mm, jacks 9.5mm, LEDs and toggles 6.35mm unless specified at time of order

Q110 Noise /Q117 S&H Combo

(Omits the Noise output level pot)



 Dual Q108 VCA Combo

(some features not included- see panel)