Etched Anodised Front Panels

For Yves Usson's superb Yusynth Modular DIY Projects

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Minimoog VCF (1.25" freq knob)        
Minimoog VCF (all 1" knobs)        
ARP VCF (1.25" freq knob)        
ARP VCF (all 1" knobs)        
Diode VCF (1.25" freq knob)        
Diode VCF (all 1" knobs)        
Steiner VCF        
Fixed resonant filter bank        


VC-LFO B        
VCO (1" Frequency knob)        
VCO (1.25" Frequency knob)        
Random module        
CV standard        
Dual Gated Slew        


Dual Balanced Modulator        
Simple VCA        
Mixer potentiometer hole sizes        
AC/DC Mixer        
AC/DC Mixer CP        
Output mixer & VC-panner***        
VU Meter (each) for Mixer        
Dual Pulse Delay        
Dual Gate Delay        
Random gates        
Clock divider        
Boolean Logic        
Sequential Router        

"Classic Dot Style" Knobs in black ABS with silver "spun" insert

Standard 1" Classic knob each      
Standard 1" Classic knob 10 Pack  
Standard 1" Classic knob 50 Pack  
Skirtless 3/4" Classic knob each      
Skirtless 3/4" Classic knob 10 Pack  
Skirtless 3/4" Classic knob 50 Pack  
Skirted 3/4" Classic knob each      
Skirted 3/4" Classic knob 10 Pack  
Skirted 3/4" Classic knob 50 Pack  
Pointer Classic knob each      
Pointer Classic knob 10 Pack  
Pointer Classic knob 50 Pack  
Large (1.25") Classic knob each      
Large (1.25") Classic knob 10 Pack  
Large (1.25") Classic knob 50 Pack