D is for Digisound Project 80

Originally a project started in 1980 (hence the name of the modules) by W. Marshall and R.C. Blakey and published in the ETI magazine. Modules were available as kits, bare PCBs, or later, also supplied ready built. The manufacture eventually passed to Tim Higham who continued to offer them for sale until interest seemed to wane in the mid 90's The talented Mr Higham has since turned his hand to to the craft of film making...



The core modules were based around various SSM and later CEM (Curtis Electromusic Specialties) chips, for sound generation, filtering, envelopes and VCAs etc. If well built the system was excellent both in sonic terms and value for money too.

At one point in time I owned a 48 module CEM system containing 4 VCOs, 4 VCDOs, 8 EGs etc. I only wish I hadn't parted with it now, but the lure of undiscovered sounds lurked in the ill fated Polyfusion. The value it realized then was miniscule compared to the prices of today. If anyone is interested, I have the full set of construction notes, users manual and negatives for many of the PCB's. 

 Annotated picture of my old Digisound System 


The Module pages are still only partly built!

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