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Not another obsolete thing I hear you cry? No, Super 8 is definitely alive and kicking still! Whilst most people put their Super 8 cameras in the loft and forgot about them in favour of video, a hardcore of devotees has continued to support this narrow gauge medium. I had had a brief and somewhat abruptly curtailed experience (my camera was run over!) with Standard 8 in the mid eighties, but now I'm an avid supporter of small scale celluloid. So why? Well, after viewing some of my relatives silent 8mm home movies and being utterly captivated by the magic, I was just hooked. Film has an evocative quality that video just can't capture. One can get bogged-down in endless technical one-upmanship between film and video (and in my mind film wins in most aspects ) but the thing is, I don't care! Something about light passing through film, the colours, the whole look and feel is just mesmerizing... Check out Elliot Bristow's truly mesmerising Road Dreams as an example of just how engrossing Super 8 can be: http://www.retroroadtrips.com

So why shoot Super 8 film?

Bray E6 Film Processor for sale

Nizo 4080 Super-8 Sound Camera


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