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Links page

PPG Synth.net This site is well worth a visit, loads of info, downloads etc. Run by Paul Maddox and  John Moore.
http://www.myspace.com/wolfgangpalm Wolfgan Palm's Myspace page (yes it is real!)
Kenton Electronics All things MIDI to CV and more, run by the talented Mr John Price
Analogue Systems Modular synthesiser company owned by Bob Williams
Digisound80 Info on the Digisound 80 System
Muffwiggler (yes, you read it right) Forum for all things Modular Synth related - Compulsory stuff for the modular community!
Electro-music Forum A broad range of electronic music topics in this large forum
The Adventures of George the Projectionist Tim Higham's epic cinematic masterpiece. (yes, that Tim Higham)
Retro Road Trips Elliot Bristow's Super 8 road trip diary is a visual feast, essential viewing
Filmshooting.com A web resource and forum for the narrow gauge film community !
Small Format *German Language Essential reading for the professional and enthusiast of the little frame
Super 8 Today Another extremely well produced magazine for the 8mm devotee
Funny Weather Cartoons with a twist...



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