Super 8





Studiofex Modular Effects Rack

One of several similar systems of the era, this has some useful options though some are quite rare.
Juergan Haible    Triple Chorus - Solina Ensemble Clone

Taking the chorus from the famed string machine and creating a module that turns vanilla pads into lush sweeping washes!

Juergan Haible    Son Of Stormtide Flanger (Thru Zero)  
DOD (Digitech) Time Machine 7.6s Delay

One of the longer delays in the RDS range this is a useful unit

Dynacord DRS 78

Part delay, part reverb, a strange beast with an interesting if dark character.

  DRP20 A unit to give the revered QRS and Lexicons a run for their money on long tailed 'verbs!
Quantec QRS/L In it's mono in stereo out form here, this is a glorious piece of kit that can sometimes be found working, else visiting its friend to be fixed!
Alesis Midifex Lesser known partner to the Midiverb, this is a grungy box of tricks, but some (OK, two or three) that still stand up today.
Klark Teknik DN780 Some seriously solid reverbs, very
Eventide H4000 Ultraharmoniser Perhaps cliched, but a favourite in many a rack!
Roland SRE 555 Space Echo Classic tape echo along with subtle chorus and a clunky springline!
Behringer DSP 2496 V-Verb Pro So good they had to discontinue it, I wonder why?! A brilliant backup unit that outshines many in classes above it.
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